Were we meant to eat cooked vegetables? The fibre conundrum

I do best on a diet of cooked animal protein and raw salad vegetables. It’s very difficult to analyse exactly why this diet works so well for me. I believe it’s because salad vegetables tend to be low in fibre and quite watery. Not a very scientific view but the only thing I can come up with. There are several schools of thought that need exploring though. One could be that I lack digestive enzymes and the salads provide some of the missing enzymes but the experts are divided on this topic. Some people believe our pancreatic enzymes deplete as we age, while others think we produce enzymes as they’re needed. Raw salad vegetables have their own food enzymes, but it is believed that only digestive enzymes digest our food and that food enzymes in raw food have no part to play – and that the food enzyme proteins  – being proteins – are in turn digested by the digestive enzymes. If the scientists can’t agree I won’t offer any opinion here, as I simply don’t know. But raw salad vegetables are the best carbs for my IBS. And as I said, the reason could be simply that being watery vegetables these are relatively low in fibre.

I should say I’m not a raw foodist at all. I eat cooked meat and seafood and steamed zucchini, green beans and carrots for breakfast (with 2 soft boiled eggs). I would never eat raw vegetables which aren’t designed to be eaten raw such as cabbage, broccoli etc.

Does nature “design” us to eat anything?


I agree with the sentiments of this article to a certain extent. I don’t believe nature cares two hoots for the human race. Nature has endowed all living things with a means of protection. It’s pot luck which species survive. Carbohydrates have lectins to protect them from predators and wheat, legumes and white potatoes have the most potent and toxic lectins. Evolution doesn’t favour any species over the other. We’re no more important than any other living thing so we don’t hold any special place in the scheme of things. Nature didn’t engineer nutrients for our sole benefit. Nutrients just seem to exist. So it’s hard to say with any clarity what we were actually “meant” to eat. Our guts evolved to eat salads and animal protein, I’m sure of that. I don’t believe our guts are equipped to handle the toxicity of grain or legume lectins. The growing epidemic of autoimmune disease might attest to that.