GERD and overeating

It is believed the single, biggest cause of GERD is overeating. I was shocked when a family member told me I overate as I’m not a big person, so you might not be aware you’re doing this.

I have GERD symptoms as well, especially if I overeat or eat too late at night before bed. My GERD symptoms are mainly a very mild acid reflux, usually at night, having to sit up to burp, and sometimes a slight breathlessness. All of this makes sense if you are overloading your stomach with food as the excess undigested food pushes against your other organs, including your lungs.

There is a strong correlation between GERD, SIBO and IBS. I have found that I need to make sure that I’m very busy during the day to make myself physically tired by 9.30 pm. I try to have a fairly light dinner no later than 7.30 pm and bed by 9.30. Any later than 9.30 and I start getting hungry again.

Non-IBS people overeat as well, but don’t seem to get the incomplete evacuation and symptoms that I do the next day if I do. I don’t tend to put on weight if I overeat, as I just maldigest the food. This might be why non-IBS people who overeat are big. They absorb the calories; I don’t – or at least a fair percentage of them. The colories just seem to turn to gas.

For me, GERD and overeating go hand in hand with IBS. Whatever the reason is why you malabsorb certain carbs – whether too little stomach acid, too few enzymes, eating too much or eating too late – all of these things result in food not being digested properly. And any food which isn’t digested properly feeds bacteria, so it’s a vicious cycle.