Finding your optimal diet

Everyone with IBS has an optimal diet; a lot of us just haven’t found it yet. Mine is very simple: animal protein & salad. This is what I do best on, and nothing else. So this is my 100% best diet that I can attain. As soon as I start adding things to it that I shouldn’t – the gas returns.

Is it all that important knowing what’s ultimately causing the IBS? There’s several ways I could read what my optimal diet means. Either I really do have a lectin intolerance, so I can’t digest foods properly that are grains, legumes, nuts etc. Or I have a natural digestive enzyme deficiency, so the best foods that I digest are the salads, which contain their own enzymes.

So the underlying theory isn’t important. The only thing that really matters is finding your optimal diet and keeping the willpower to stick with it.

I don’t think people with IBS are all that dissimilar. We might have different symptoms to toxic foods – or at least foods we can’t digest properly for whatever reason – but all of us need to find the carbs that we can digest without producing tons of gas. I’m guessing the optimal diet for everyone else with IBS won’t be much different to mine – based on animal protein and easy to digest vegetables. If you can digest salads without symptoms, then keep with the salads. They’re the healthiest food known. Salads are also high in insoluble fibre, the fibre that pathogens don’t eat much of. (Bacteria much prefer soluble fibre, which is a prebiotic).