My successful IBS diet

This is my successful low fermentable IBS diet. I’ve been on this particular diet for the past 3 years (as at 2017).

The diet: moderate amount of animal protein daily (meat, port, chicken, eggs etc) with any low FODMAP, low starch vegetables. And that’s basically it.

Breakfast: steamed zucchini, carrots & green beans with a pot of black tea.
Lunch: salad vegetables (cucumber, carrot, tomato, gherkins, olives, avocado). Water or herbal tea.
Dinner: Animal protein (steak, pork etc) with steamed pumpkin, green beans, carrots
(sweet potato can be added if you tolerate this OK). Herbal tea.

This is very difficult to maintain and hard to stick to day after day. I’m always breaking this diet then returning to it. I’m not advising anyone else to do this – this is just how I cope with it. I always revert to this diet if I have a really important day the next day.

This is basically a low fermentable diet. Not many people are aware that meat can cause gas as well – it’s not just carbohydrates. This is why I keep animal protein to a minimum. Meat, fish & eggs are high in sulphur. If you exceed your threshold tolerance, up to 20% of meat can ferment in the colon. Bacteria metabolise these fermentable products creating hydrogen sulphide, or rotten egg gas.

Why this diet is so restrictive:

Antinutrients – the lectins

This diet is also low in lectins. Low lectins mean no grains, legumes, dairy or white potato – so this diet is also based on the Paleo Autoimmune protocol.  Lectins are proteins in food that not only can damage the intestinal wall but inhibit natural digestive enzymes. Grains, legumes, dairy and white potato are all high in lectins. Nuts contain antinutrients called phytates which also inhibit digestion.

Why my diet works:

I can’t tolerate any highly-fermentable foods (I’m not sure why). For me, these foods include grains, dairy, nuts, starches, FODMAPs and too much animal protein (sulphur). Salad and insoluble, low FODMAP vegetables aren’t fermentable for me, but they might be for you. We all have to experiment with diet to see which problem food groups are the worst.

My form of IBS is called Leaky Gas. The main cause of Leaky Gas for me is incomplete evacuation, leading to retained stool and gas.  The gas can build up during the day and leak out. A diet high in fermentable foods seems to create pockets of gas that block stool. This has been my experience anyway.  My low fermentable diet creates the least gas, as long as I don’t overdo the animal protein. This means that evacuation is usually complete the next day, and there are no pockets of gas trapped in the colon.

I hope my website helps you. I have provided links to reputable or scientific websites wherever possible. I don’t have any formal qualifications myself so have learned a lot of the theory through reading but more importantly, discovered my successful diet through years of experimenting.